Stereo Interconnect RCA-RCA

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Product information "Stereo Interconnect RCA-RCA"
DIYclassD Interconnects are the best protected audio signal cables in the industry. Connecting your audio devices with High-End cables can now be done for a very affordable price. The DIYclassD Interconnects are Custom-made double shielded twisted-pair cables, specifically designed for the highest RFI immunity and lowest microphonic noise.  

DIYclassD RCA-RCA Interconnects are the perfect link between our DIY PreAmplifier, DIY power amplifiers or active (fusion amp powered) loudspeakers. The RCA - RCA interconnects have rhodium plated connectors to guarantee an optimal, uncolored signal transmission. DIYclassD Interconnects are the best protected audio signal cables in the industry because of their Silver-plated conductors with PTFE tape-wrapped insulation, glass-fibre stabilisers and two layers of braided shield over a bonded carbon triboelectric charge drain layer. 

Available in 1m and 2m. 

  • Double shielded twisted-pair cable
  • Silver plated conductors
  • PTF tape-wrapped insulation
  • Glass-fibre stabilisers
  • Highest RFI immunity
  • Lowest microphonic noise

What's in the box

1 pair (2pieces) of RCA - RCA cables

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