To all Hypex Fusion-Amp enthusiasts

The anticipation for our new Fusion-Amps rises every week, often we get questions about them. It seems like all the enthusiasts can’t wait for the release of this new plate amplifier range, including ourselves. In our earlier communications we announced the launch of the new Fusion-Amp range in the third quarter of 2017 but we need to postpone the launch to the first quarter of 2018.

And now the good news! We like to announce a new feature for the complete Fusion-Amp range. We will add an option to ensure the Fusion-Amp can also be operated with remote control for volume control and source selection. Our well known Hypex Remote Control can be used for this. The IR-receiver will be a separate module so our customers can integrate it when needed. This feature was widely asked for and with its implementation into the Fusion-Amp we hope to meet all your needs.