DLCP EOL special offer

EOL announcement DLCP

Being sold over many years now the life of our DLCP has come to an end unfortunately. All those years the DLCP was the best DIY DSP platform you could buy but as with most products the sales numbers are gradually decreasing to a level we can no longer continue this product. The DLCP, DLCP Add-on set and SMPS DLCP can still be bought till 01-01-2020. Until then we have a special offer for anyone who has the DLCP on his/her bucket list. See below. 

DLCP Special "good bye" offer 

The DLCP always had a special place in our hearts. This amazing DSP platform offered our DIY customers a lot of freedom in creating the perfect active speaker setup. Therefor we want the DLCP to go out with a BANG!!  

Order the DLCP and DLCP Add-on set now and we will add the SMPS DLCP and Hypex remote control for free!!!.

 This offer is valid till 01-01-2020

DLCP set