•  NC400 mono kit (complete kit)
  •  NC400 mono kit (complete kit)
  •  NC400 mono kit (complete kit)
  •  NC400 mono kit (complete kit)
  •  NC400 mono kit (complete kit)

NC400 mono kit (complete kit)

€ 575,00 excl. VAT

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  • The Hypex NC400 DIY mono block is probably the best and most easy way to get a high-end HiFi system in your livingroom. The KIT is build with an easy to use mindset. Everybody can build it and enjoy the sound in the shortest time possible. 
  • Everything is there: A NC400, SMPS600, chassis, cables. You don't even need to solder, we did it for you.
  • Internal size: 193mm(W) x 58mm(H) x 265mm(D)
  • External size: 200mm(W) x 79mm(H) x 280mm(D)
    (size incl feet, excl connectors)


  • Hypex DIY mono case
  • NC400
  • SMPS600 
  • Power connector euro fused (incl. 5 AT fuses)
  • Switch on-off
  • Binding post clear
  • Signal cable with XLR female chassis
  • Internal speaker wires
  • Internal mains wires
  • Protective earth cable
  • All needed bolts




Technique NCore
Power (4Ω) 400W
Channels 1
HxR Ready On Board
Weight 3,1kg
Dimensions mm 140*85*50(45)
SMPS Voltage +/- 2*65Vdc
Recommended SMPS Included


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