About us

Who are we

DIYclassD is part of Hypex Electronics BV. At DIYclassD we serve the DIY community and consumer market for Hypex products. Hypex Electronics is a specialized supplier, designer and manufacturer of Class D power amplifiers, power supplies, DSP solutions and plate amplifiers for the HiFi, High End and Pro Audio industries. The company produces very high-quality Class D amplifiers based on leading Nilai®, NCOREx®, NCORE® and globally respected UcD™ technologies. Our commitment is to provide everyone with the best possible audio experience. Our commitment goes beyond just OEM solutions, we also provide the DIY community with our DIY friendly products on www.diyclassd.com. If you want to know more about Hypex Electronics BV, please visit www.hypex.nl

What we do at DIYclassD.com

Since 2016, Hypex Electronics has made a strategic choice to separate the DIY business from the OEM business. From 2016, DIYclassD will take care of the do-it-yourselfers and consumers of Hypex Electronics BV. The separation of the DIY and OEM activities ensures smooth customer support and a more direct and personal approach to the DIY community. DIYclassD products are sold worldwide to private individuals. The DIYclassD product catalogue is 100% supported by and based on Hypex Electronics BV DIY products. The DIYclassD range is fully developed by Hypex Electronics BV and is sold exclusively by DIYclassD.com and its worldwide network of business partners.

DIYclassD.com has three focus points, namely; DIY amplifier kits, Fusion amplifiers and Interconnects. Thanks to the easy-to-build set of the DIYclassD amplifier kits, anyone, even without any technical knowledge, can build an amplifier in the shortest possible time. For the real DIY diehards, DIYclassD.com also offers DIY components that can be used to build a DIY amplifier from start to finish. This is intended for do-it-yourselfers with technical experience.