/Nilai® Class D technology is here!

We have taken our existing control-loop topology to a whole new level resulting in an immense performance upgrade compared to NCORE®. The overall performance has increased by not less than 10 times!

This massive performance boost results in distortion figures that are 10 times lower, a power supply noise rejection that is 10 times higher and a reduced output impedance that has dropped by a factor 10. These figures may already sound incredible, wait until you hear them come alive through your speakers!

And today, 20 years after the launch of our very first Class D amplifier, we want to thank the DIY-community that has always been very loyal to us. Their support played a very important role in our company’s success. We therefore thought that letting them be the first to exclusively try out this new technology was the right thing to do! The Nilai500DIY comes with a discrete buffer stage and voltage regulators, just like the NC400 it will be replacing. Together with carefully selected high-grade components the Nilai500DIY is our best amplifier to date. Besides the amplifier we designed a new power supply to match. The PS500DIY includes a PFC and standby power supply. Just like on the Nilai500DIY we selected high-grade components for optimized performance.


  • 500W / 4 ohm
  • THD+N: 0,00015% (-116dB) @ 100W / 4 Ohm / 20 – 20.000 Hz
  • Output noise: 9,5µV @ 11,8dB gain
  • Gain adjust in 3 steps (11,8 - 21,8 - 27,8)
  • High fidelity components
  • Discrete buffer stage and regulators
  • Dedicated high-end power supply
  • Available in mono & stereo kits
  • 100 x 100 x 40mm and 355g

More information about the Nilai500DIY and PS500DIY soon!

FFT 1kHz 10W @4R:

DIY PreAmplifier

To complement our DIY amplifier modules we introduce our DIY PreAmplifier kit. Just like our amplifier kits you get a complete kit to assemble an analogue high-end preamplifier. Add-ons like a DAC, Phono stage and EQ will be released in the nearby future.

More information about the DIY PreAmplifier soon!


Custom-made doubly shielded twisted-pair cable designed specifically for highest RFI immunity and lowest microphonic noise. As we have set a new standard in performance with our Nilai500DIY and having a matching High-end PreAmplifier we demand the very best of our Interconnects.

More information about the Interconnects soon!


Hypex stands for quality. We like to do things ourselves, so we have our own production facility and we do all our own distribution. This way of thinking ensures the best possible way to deal with all our clients demands and wishes, from ordering to delivery.

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Need help building your amplifier? No problem, we support all kinds of builds. When you need help, if something is broken or you want to return a module to Hypex for repairs we’ll help you out. We do have a great FAQ page, but a personal touch is sometimes needed.

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Here you’ll find our FAQ. This contains all kinds of relevant questions regarding our products. Building schematics, wiring diagrams, shortcuts to data sheets, manuals and all white papers are easy to find on the FAQ page.

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