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An out of stock notification will be shown at every product page right under the price information section. When a product is out of stock we announce our expected date of shipping our backorders again at the same position. 
Yes, you can order products which are out of stock, we will ship your order as soon as we receive our new stock. 
Multiple reasons could hold your order from shipping:
a. Did we receive your payment? If you feel the need to check this with us, please contact us through the contact form and send along your order number as reference.
b. Are the parts you ordered in stock? We always try to keep our stock level sufficient, if you feel the need to check our current stock levels, please contact us through the contact form and send along your order number as reference.

When we ship your order with UPS you’ll receive an email from UPS the same day with tracking information, if you didn’t receive any email from UPS please verify your email address with us. If your order is shipped with any other forwarder it depends on the service of the forwarder if you will receive tracking information. If you need tracking information you can always contact us through the contact form and send along your order number as reference.
All shipping charges are invoiced to you by Hypex, nevertheless it is possible you need to pay additional import duties/charges. The amount of import duties depends on your country. As the customer is responsible for paying all taxes and duties, please contact your local customs office for more information.
With your parcel you have received a packing slip containing your full order details and order lines. The product(s) we have not shipped with this shipment will appear as backorder at the packing slip. If available an indication of the next shipping date is given.
We pay a lot of care with our customers’ orders because it is very annoying when the wrong item is delivered to you. Especially if you wait urgently for your order you want to be assured of quick processing and shipping. Please contact sales@hypex.nl at your earliest convenience to arrange an exchange. 
If you're not sure what you need to order please let us help you to find the ultimate solution for your application, visit our "Application" page for more information.
In our web shop we offer the following payment options:
a. Bank transfer / Wire transfer
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c. PayPal (+2,5%)
d. iDEAL (only NL)


When all you’ve ordered is in stock, your package will leave our warehouse in 1-3 working days. When a product isn’t in stock, we always try to keep you updated through our web shop information. Shipping time depends on the chosen service and where we need to ship the parcel.
Because Hypex is responsible for a save shipment we’ve chosen to ship all our packages with UPS. You can chose the service. They have proven to be the best and safest shipper for us. If you have an account with another forwarder, we can also arrange this on your account and responsibility or ship ex-works.
Once we have shipped your order, you will receive an email from UPS with tracking details.
The amount of import duties depends on your country. As the customer is responsible for paying all taxes and duties, please contact your local customs office for more information.
As long as your previous order hasn’t left the warehouse and isn’t packed yet you’re able to combine multiple orders in one shipment. When your order is processed, we cannot add any new orders to the shipment. In this case please contact sales@hypex.nl at your earliest convenience. 
Shipping costs are different for everyone and every order and calculated on a daily rate, therefore to calculate accurate shipping costs please log in and create an order to see the shipping charges directly without any further obligation.
Did you receive a notification from UPS? Please contact sales@hypex.nl if we need to act at it.
You will receive a PDF invoice once your order is shipped. Didn’t you receive your invoice? Then please verify your email address with us. Regarding invoice matters please contact sales@hypex.nl 
Yes, one can order from all over the world. Our shipping services have world wide coverage. 

Warranty and returns

Hypex Electronics warrants devices for a period of two years (B2C) after the original date of purchase against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials arising from normal use of the device. Business to business warranty is limited to one year (B2B). 
The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the device. It does NOT cover cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear, or damage caused by accident, misuse, or neglect. Any attempt to modify or take apart the device (or its accessories) will void the warranty.
Did you order products, but you have changed your mind? Or ordered the wrong item?
Please contact sales@hypex.nl with the 14 days view period to request a return or exchange, you’ll receive a return label for your package, we do not accept returns without a label.

If you want to return a Hypex product, which is broken within the warranty period, please fill out the “Return Merchandise Authorization request form” 
We consider ourselves very flexible when it comes to this subject, but are also happy to offer repair service if the warranty has been exceeded longer ago.
Repair service can be requested for products out of the warranty period and not older than 5 years, provided that the product is still in our product range. Repair costs must be paid before the repaired product is returned. To request repair service for a legacy product, please contact support@hypex.nl 

General DIY Product Support

UcD™ amplifier modules, worldwide well-known and respected for their performance. Learn more about our UcD™ technology at the Technology page. 

NCORE® amplifier modules, NCORE® technology combines the stability of UcD™ with improved load-independence, lower distortion, and lower output impedance.  A new control loop ups the loop gain by 20dB across the full audio range without sacrificing stability.  NCORE® is the first Class-D amplifier not just to nudge the best linear amplifiers, but to surpass them in every aspect relevant to sound quality.

A SMPS is a high efficiency Switch Mode Power Supply specifically designed to be used in combination with our amplifier modules from the UcD™ and NCORE® Family. These can be used for mono and stereo setups as well as for multichannel applications.
A Fusion Amp is an aluminum plate which contains a mounted DSP and 1, 2 or 3 amplifiers with on board power supply. To be used in active loudspeakers and subwoofers. Also called a plate amplifier.
Our products are intended to be used for reproduction of audio. The use in any other application is not supported and at your own risk.
A class-D amplifier or switching amplifier is an electronic amplifier in which the amplifying devices (transistors, usually MOSFETs) operate as electronic switches, and not as linear gain devices as in other amplifiers. They operate by rapidly switching back and forth between the supply rails, being fed by a modulator using pulse width, pulse density, or related techniques to encode the audio input into a pulse train. The audio escapes through a simple low-pass filter into the loudspeaker. The high-frequency pulses, which can be as high as 6 MHz, are blocked. Since the pairs of output transistors are never conducting at the same time, there is no other path for current flow apart from the low-pass filter/loudspeaker. For this reason, efficiency can exceed 90%.
In basic Hypex amplifiers match with every pre-amplifier, for tube pre-amps please refer to the chapter "Cables and connections".
In principle Hypex amplifiers match with every loudspeaker, of course you need to match it correctly. Our advice is to use an amplifier which is capable of providing a little more power than your speakers require. Of course, it is not required to have a very powerful amplifier, at least take an amplifier module which is capable to provide the power a speaker can handle. If you use an undersized amplifier, you can imagine the amplifier has to run on top performance all the time with risks of clipping and can even damage your valued audio equipment.

Technical support

You need to drive one of the modules 180 degrees out of phase by simply swapping the negative and positive input signal wires. Tie the loudspeaker between both positive loudspeaker outputs of the amplifiers and connect a 100n/200V capacitor across the loudspeaker terminals at the amplifiers’ side. This set-up is most applicable for 8 Ohm loads since each amplifier ‘sees’ 4 Ohms with an 8 Ohm load attached. A 4 Ohm load might trigger the current protection leaving you with not nearly as much power as you might have expected.
Yes. The 400kHz signal you see at the output of the amplifier is the residue of the switching nature of class D amplifiers. This is completely normal and does no harm. For more information please refer to our EMI application note.
The HPR12/HNR12 are voltage regulators like the 7812/7912 IC’s. The difference is that they have a wider bandwidth, lower noise and lower output impedance. Additionally, they have kelvin-sense inputs so you can make a local regulator that doesn’t have to be physically close to the circuit being powered. Typical op-amp based circuits have a much greater sensitivity to power supply ripple and noise than the data sheet’s DC PSRR values would suggest.
Clean supplies are part and parcel of good audio. The noise and rejection specifications of the HxR modules are unparalleled and as such make a great upgrade for any circuit using (or in need of) regulators.
Input sensitivity is dependent on the desired output power, the impedance of the speaker and the gain of the amplifier. Naturally the desired output power cannot be higher than the rated maximum of the amplifier. In the example the input sensitivity for a 400W output in 4 Ohm is calculated. The gain and maximum output power is given in the datasheet. The speaker load is dependent on the user application.

Temperature and implementation

Class D is “cool” in terms of how much power gets dissipated. If one were to heat-sink a class D amplifier like an equivalent class AB amp, they would remain utterly stone cold. The idea of course is to make the amplifiers more compact by reducing the heatsink. An idling UcD™ amplifier draws up to 2% of rated power. That’s 8W for a UcD400 amplifier. Whether that translates into a small or large temperature rise depends on the size of the heatsink. Please refer to the "Thermal design" application note for more information.
Yes! Never operate the amplifier without a heatsink or you will risk overheating it. Even the 90% efficient UcD700 running at full power dissipates as much as 70Watts. Simplest solution would be an all-aluminum case to which the amplifier is mounted. When using a steel case a regular aluminum heatsink should be used inside. Make sure there is always some airflow through the case by means of venting holes. Please refer to the "Thermal design" application note for more information.
Our modules are factory trimmed for best THD, not operating current. Operating current varies over a 20% range. The temperature difference is clearly noticeable but not a cause for worry.
We have an application note available for customers who wants to build high power touring amplifiers, please contact our sales department for personal guidance at sales@hypex.nl 

Datasheets and CAD files

One can find all available downloads at every product page on our web shops or at the "downloads" page.
If you need technical information or support contact support@hypex.nl 

UcD™ DIY modules

UcD™ DIY modules can be used for a wide range of applications. For example DIY mono power amplifiers, DIY stereo power amplifiers or DIY integrated builds. Of course many more can be build with the  UcD™ DIY modules.
The quality of our UcD™ Family amplifiers is respected amongst our customers; you may expect to receive a top-notch amplifier module which is perfectly able to amplify your audio without any concessions. 
Yes, most of our UcD™ Family amplifiers are suitable for a BTL configuration. The UcD2k amplifier module is the only UcD™ Family amplifier which is already a bridged amplifier module and therefore not suitable for a BTL configuration.

NCORE® DIY module

The NCORE® DIY module can be used for a wide range of applications, for example a DIY audiophile mono power amplifier, DIY audiophile stereo amplifier or DIY audiophile integrated buids. Some even have build a multichannel amplifier of audiophile quality with this module.
The quality of our NCORE® Family amplifiers modules is well known already and used in some very high-end audio applications; we consider these amplifiers high-end/audiophile.
Yes, you can use two NCORE® DIY amplifiers in a BTL configuration. 

Nilai® DIY module

The Nilai® DIY module can be used for a wide range of applications, for example a DIY high-end audiophile mono power amplifier, DIY high-end audiophile stereo amplifier or DIY high-end audiophile integrated buids. If one is looking for the best of the market, Nilai® is the way to go.

DIYclassD Amplifier kits

The by DIYclassD sold amplifier kits are easy to build. Even without any technical or electrical experience one is able to build their own amplifier with our DIY kits.
The amplifier kits themself are 100% complete once you finished the assembly. You might need some cables to connect the amplifier with your setup and mains, therefore these items could be interesting:

  • Power cable (see DIYclassD Accessoires)
  • InterConnects (see DIYclassD InterConnects)
In the provided assembly instructions, the needed tools are shown. Overall, these are basic tools.
NCORE® is Hypex leading technology, used often in high end applications. NCORE® is in basic words improved UcD® technology. UcD® products are well respected in the audio scene and already considered audiophile. 
Yes, this a DIYclassD amplifier kit can be used for electrostatic speakers. For best results, we recommend using our NC400 mono kits with electrostatic loudspeakers. 

Hypex Filter Designer

For Hypex Filter Designer related questions we have a HFD manual available. The HDF manual can be found at "downloads" and DSP containing product pages.

Fusion Amp Family

Plate amplifiers can be used to make passive loudspeakers quickly and easy active or to change the design of your passive filter to a digital filter design. 

Plate amplifiers are used for active loudspeakers, powerful subwoofers, active monitor systems and public address speakers.
Our software (HFD) is available as a free download on our website, if you do not have the possibility to download HFD you can also chose to buy a hard copy in our web shop for € 1,- the free download you’ll find at "downloads"
The gain can be trimmed in the HFD software, adjusting the gain and input buffer at the amplifier itselves is not supported.
No, one cannot add anything to the Fusion Amp setup, this will void the warranty.
Here you will find some example hardware and software:

  • Dayton EMM-6
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo
It is important to use an external soundcard with microphone input.
  • Hypex Filter Design
  • Room EW Wizard software

Your Fusion amp is factory programmed, therefor a Fusion Amp cannot be changed afterwards. Adding an extra amplifier will result in a not working channel.
Check out our "Application page" for more information and support.
Out of the box a Fusion Amp does not work for your safety and to protect your valuable speakers. Since the Fusion Amp’s DSP does not contain a filter by default, you need to get started with HFD. This free software can be downloaded from our website. You can start getting acquainted with the software, even without a Hypex product connected. An elaborate guide on how to design the filters can be found on our website at "downloads"
Open HFD on your PC and connect your PC with the Fusion Amp. Open Filter design and choose “File” -> “New Fusion Amp” if you now choose “load filter to DSP” a unity filter will be uploaded. If you desire a different filter, please refer to the HFD manual.
For best performance, the Fusion Amp should be installed in a sealed compartment of your speaker cabinet. The online user guide includes basic dimensions for installation. Refer to the chapter ‘Installation’ for instructions. Detailed 3D models and 2D drawings can be found on our website, to assist you in designing the amplifier cabinet.
In theory you can add a remote kit to every Fusion amp. For a stereo setup 9 out of 10 setups will be connected as master and slave, in this case it is not necessary to have 2 remote kits, the master will provide the data to the slave for audio signals and controls. Even in this setup you have the choice of still using 2 remote kits if for example you like to have a LED in both speakers to show activity. 
All fusion amps are mono 1, 2 or 3-way. Stereo use with one Fusion Amp is not possible. It is possible to sum L+R in one Fusion Amp for a center speaker for example.
The USB port at a Fusion Amp can only be used to configure the Fusion Amp DSP. This connection does not support USB audio.
If a mixed setup is created (one-way models mixed with multi-way models) the master should be a multiway model. Since a mixed configuration has conflicting inputs (digital vs high-level), the one-way models are muted if a digital source is selected at the master. If this is undesirable, consider a two-way model in BTL or dual mono as subwoofer amplifier.
Please download the Hypex Filter Design installation and Hypex FusionAmp Firmware update tutorial at "downloads"

Switch Mode Power Supplies

You can connect a LED with series resistor to the positive auxiliary output of the SMPS. You can use an online calculator like http://ledcalc.com/ to determine the value for the resistor. Refer to the datasheet of the SMPS for more information.
Yes, depending on the SMPS you can add a small application, for maximum ratings please refer to the datasheet of the SMPS.
The SMPS3K is intended to power our range of high power amplifier modules, such as UcD2K and NC2K. As a result, this SMPS product does not feature the 2-quadrant operation as most of our other SMPS products do. Therefore, they are unable to handle large reverse currents generated by half-bridge amplifiers operated at low frequencies. For this reason, it is not advisable to use this SMPS to power half bridge amplifiers like our UcD102, UcD180(LP), UcD250LP, UcD400(LP), UcD700, NC400, NC500 and NC1200 modules when used in the frequency range below 100Hz. A workaround for this could be using the half-bridge amplifiers in bridge mode or reversing phase for half of the modules.

Multichannel applications

Yes, one can certainly use Hypex products to make a multichannel application. Most important topic to take care of while building a multichannel application is cooling. If multiple amplifiers and power supplies are mounted in one case, you can imagine that the heat inside will rapidly increase in no-time. Take care of sufficient heatsinks and active cooling with a fan for example, also there should be airflow inside the case even without a fan is running. We like to assist you when you’re building a multichannel amplifier with Hypex products, please contact us at sales@hypex.nl. 
This is the most important topic of a multichannel amplifier design. We like to assist you when you’re building a multichannel amplifier with Hypex products, please contact us at sales@hypex.nl. 

DIYclassD re-sellers and business partners

No, OEM modules are exclusively available for legal OEM customers and Audio Repair Business
You can become a DIYclassD re-seller or business partner by sending your company details to sales@hypex.nl with the request of a DIYclassD re-sellers evaluation or business partner request. 
  • A business partner can be any legal audio related business.
  • A DIYclassD re-seller is an official re-seller of DIYclassD products.

You can find all our official DIYclassD re-sellers worldwide at the "where to buy" page at www. diyclassd.com