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Do I have to connect half of the amplifiers in antiphase when I use a SMPS3k?

The SMPS3K is intended to power our range of high power amplifier modules, such as UcD2K and NC2K. As a result, this SMPS product does not feature the 2-quadrant operation as most of our other SMPS products do. Therefore, they are unable to handle large reverse currents generated by half-bridge amplifiers operated at low frequencies. For this reason, it is not advisable to use this SMPS to power half bridge amplifiers like our UcD102, UcD180(LP), UcD250LP, UcD400(LP), UcD700, NC400, NC500 and NC1200 modules when used in the frequency range below 100Hz. A workaround for this could be using the half-bridge amplifiers in bridge mode or reversing phase for half of the modules.