Product information "SMPS3kA400"

The SMPS3K stands out as a high power, high-efficiency Safety Class 1 switch mode power supply meticulously crafted for seamless integration with our UcD™, NCORE® and NCOREx® amplifier modules. Its key attributes include superior efficiency across the entire load spectrum, an exceptionally compact form factor, lightweight design, and minimal radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Adding to its capabilities, the SMPS3K incorporates advanced overcurrent protection. In the event of a temporary overload, it restricts the output current. Only if the overload condition persists for an extended period does the supply transition into hiccup mode, maintaining this state until the overload condition dissipates. This feature, coupled with large primary electrolytic buffer capacitors, enables the supply to deliver high dynamic headroom power to the connected amplifier.

Moreover, the SMPS3K includes a symmetrical auxiliary output and a control circuit seamlessly interfacing with our UcD™, NCORE® and NCOREx® amplifier modules. Activation for routine operation or deactivation during a critical fault is managed through built-in actuators, providing a reliable safeguard. From the initial design phase to the final implementation, the SMPS3K undergoes optimization to achieve the lowest possible EMI signature, meeting the stringent requirements of the most demanding audio applications.

The SMPS3K is designed with a selectable input voltage range, allowing it to accommodate various power input specifications. This flexibility enhances its adaptability to different regions and power grid configurations, making it a versatile choice for international applications.

The SMPS3K complies with relevant industry standards and certifications, ensuring that it meets the highest benchmarks for quality, safety, and performance. This commitment to standards reinforces its reliability in professional audio applications. Relevant standards: The SMPS3A400 and SMPS3KA700 revision 1000 and higher fulfil the requirements of: IEC60065:2014 + A11:2017, IEC62368-1:2014 + A11:2017, UL62368-1:2014 Ed.2 and CSA C22.2#62368-1:2014 Ed.2. The SMPS3KA400 and SMPS3KA700 are ETL listed components for the USA (UL62368-1:2014 Ed. 2) and Canada (CSA C22.2#62368-1:2014 Ed.2).


  • • High efficiency
  • • Small form factor
  • • Low EMI


  • • Selectable input voltage range
  • • Remote controlled operation
  • • 2 variants available:
    A400 / A700


  • • Advanced Overcurrent protection
  • • Over temperature protection
  • • DC detection input


  • • Active Loudspeakers, for home and professional use
  • • Power Amplifiers, for home and professional use
  • • Line Array and Immersive Systems
  • • Home Theatre Systems
  • • Multichannel Power Amplifiers
Family: SMPS Family
Automatic input voltage selection: No, Selectable with jumper
Mains voltage input: 230V / 115V
Max Output Power: 3600W
Max Output Power @20Hz: 3000W
SMPS Voltage +/-: 2x 63Vdc

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