FusionAmp FA252

Product information "FusionAmp FA252"

The Fusion Amp FA252 – a revolutionary mono, two-way, audio powerhouse designed to be the backbone of your premium active sound system. With the capability to serve as the core for a quality active loudspeaker, the FA252 is a quality solution for audio enthusiasts and professionals.

The FA252 is driven by a formidable dual 250W NCORE® amplifier, ensuring a powerful and nuanced audio performance. Experience the richness of deep bass and the clarity of highs with uncompromising power. Unlock the full potential of your audio setup with the on-board DSP. Configure and fine-tune your sound using the HFD software, allowing for precise adjustments tailored to your preferences.

The FA252 offers a range of input options, including Analog balanced XLR in and through, Analog unbalanced RCA input, Digital AES in and through, Digital S/PDIF in and through and a Digital Optical Toslink input. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various analog and digital audio sources and setups.

Elevate your user experience by combining the FA252 with the Fusion Remote kit or Fusion OLED Display for remote-controlled options. Enjoy the convenience of managing your audio setup from a distance.

Take your audio setup to the next level by incorporating multiple Fusion Amps in a Master and Slave configuration. Create a seamless, complete active audio system for an immersive and synchronized listening experience.

Craft your audio oasis with the Fusion Amp FA252 – where power, precision, and versatility converge. Unleash the potential of your sound system and elevate your auditory experience to new heights with this exceptional fusion of technology and performance.


  • • Fusion remote kit + Hypex remote
  • • Fusion OLED display + Hypex remote


  • • IIR and FIR filter options
  • • 15 biquads per amplifier
  • • Three selectable presets for filters
  • • Source selection
  • • Signal detect
  • • Auto shutdown


  • • Clip protection
  • • Thermal protection


  • • Active 2-way Monitor Loudspeakers
  • • Active 2-way Loudspeakers; for home and professional use
  • • Active 500W Subwoofer with digital inputs
Power (4Ω): 2 x 250W
Power (8Ω): 2 x 150W
Channels: 1 channel / 2 way
Technology: NCORE®
Family: Fusion Amp Family
Mains voltage input: 100-120Vac / 200-240Vac ±10%

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Free download
Hypex Filter Design
Hypex Filter Designer (HFD) is a program to configure Hypex Electronics B.V. DSP modules. This software is only available for Windows. Download only The Hypex Filter Designer is free of charge and only available as a download. You can select and download the software and documentation from within the downloads tab on this page. HFD v4 software consists of the following areas: Main Screen Device settings screen Filter design graphical screen Filter design advanced screen The general functions of HFD are: Volume Control Mute (global and per channel Channel assignment Subout Control Load measurements for speakers (Impulse response) Take measurements Input gain adapt Load/apply microphone correction data Stepresponse/Impulseresponse/Magnitude View sum of filters Invert filter functions Delay Graph smoothing Wide range of Biquad filter setups

Hypex Remote control
The Hypex Remote control is a remote control which can be used in combination with the DLCP add on set or the Fusion Amp remote kit to control volume, source and put the system into standby. A battery is included.

Fusion Remote Kit
All models of the FusionAmp range can be extended with this Fusion Remote Kit. This set contains a PCBA with IR receiver and bi-colour LED, a plexiglas front with double adhesive tape, 2 lightpipes, the necessary cable (125cm) and screws. You can mount this kit from the inside or outside of the speaker cabinet. This set must be used in master devices if the Hypex remote is to be used (remote not included). Furthermore, this set can also be added in slave devices, but the IR functionality will be disabled. The green LED acts as on-off indicator, the red LED mirrors the protect indicator. Package contents: ScrewsPCBA with IR receiver, bi-colour LEDPlexiglas frontsheet of double adhesive tape2pcs light pipes5 pin cable 125cm

Fusion Mounting Screws
The FusionAmp models must be mounted into the speaker cabinet with 8 or 10screws. This set contains 10 self tapping, black, Phillips head screws, 4,3x25mm.

Fusion OLED Display
Introducing the Fusion OLED Display – the perfect enhancement for all Fusion Amplifier Family models and the DSP3-213. Elevate your audio experience with this sleek display, designed to provide you with essential information at a glance. Whether it's monitoring volume levels, identifying active inputs, accessing presets, or staying informed about any error messages, the Fusion OLED Display ensures that every detail is effortlessly visible from your preferred listening position. Installing the Fusion OLED Display is a breeze. Designed for external attachment to the speaker cabinet, it comes equipped with double adhesive tape for easy and secure assembly. When integrated into a master-slave configuration, consider placing the display on the master device, especially if you plan to use the Hypex remote (remote not included). Please note that in slave devices, the IR functionality will be disabled while still offering all other benefits. The Fusion OLED Display includes: 1 x Fusion OLED Display 1 x 5 pin cable 125cm 1x Quick guide (Refer to the 'Downloads' tab for the complete User Manual) Upgrade your audio setup with the Fusion OLED Display – where information meets elegance.

Power cable black Euro-IEC 60320 C13
Mains power cable to connect your products with IEC 60320 C13 and Euro connection.

Power Cable Black US-IEC 60320 C13
Mains power cable to connect your products with USA and IEC 60320 C13 connection.